Text Only Import

This API resource enables you to receive your messages from Spot.IM based on etag revisions.

All you need to get started is your spot_id, post_id and a token.


GET https://open-api.spot.im/v1/spot-conversation-events/text-only


token03160313r2lURD (required)Get the access token from your account manager.
spot_idsp_cNLt89un (required)Your Spot ID.
post_id1 (required)Post ID of the page you want to retrieve replies from.
etag0Revision number of events accord in the conversation.
count20Number of events being retrieved from last etag forward.

Example URL

Click this link to see a typical response from the API resource:



This is the response you will get from the example url above.

            "content":"First Commenter!!! :)",
            "written_at":"2016-03-30 13:23:05 +0000",
            "content":"Second as well!",
            "written_at":"2016-03-30 13:23:20 +0000",
         "display_name":"Idan Mitrofanov",

Event Types

All the events this API resource provides and their description.

comment-createdComment was created.
comment-editedComment was edited.
comment-deletedComment was deleted along with its replies.
comment-soft-deletedComment was deleted without it's replies.
comment-anonymousComment was anonymized.
reply-createdReply was created.
reply-editedReply was edited.
reply-deletedReply was deleted.
reply-anonymousReply was anonymized.