Get Moderation Policy per Article

This API resource enables you to get the current moderation rules on a specific article in SpotIM. All you need to get started is your spot_id, post_id and a token.

All you need to get started is your spot_idpost_id and token.




token03160313r2lURD (required)Get the access token from your account manager.
spot_idsp_cNLt89un (required)Your Spot ID.
post_id1 (required)The post id of the article which requires the policy change.


Response should be in the following structure:

“default_policy”: “{policy}”

Policy available values:

spot_id – use the currently set policy for the domain’s moderation.
approve_all – Set the moderation level to approve all messages on the current article.
require_approval – Set moderation level to “Strict”.
publish_and_moderate – Set the moderation level publish all comments and also see them in the pending tab.