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We offer a standalone version of the embed code for mobile application. Instead of building your own static HTML page to load into WebView, you can use our URL.

Example URL:



This is the list of all parameters supported by this standalone version

ParameterDefault ValueDescription
spotIdemptyThis is your Spot ID. For convenience, you can find this by clicking Wordpress in the dropdown of the Setup tab in your Spot.IM account Settings.
spotNamenullYour Spot Name.
brandColor#307FE2Modify this value to change the brand color of your Spot.
mainLanguageenModify this value to change the main language of your Spot.
directionltrModify this value to change the direction of Spot.IM components.
openModeAUTOMATIC (default), PERMANENT, ON_CLICKModify this value to change the Newsfeed component opening state.
newsfeedPositionright (default), leftModify this value to change the Newsfeed component aside position.
tickerSkinbrand (default), whiteModify this value to change the Ticker color.
inpageSkinlight (default), darkModify this value to change the Inpage color scheme, in which you can aim for a better match between light and dark background colors of the website.
conversationSortbest (default), newest, oldestModify this value to change the replies order. The default order specifies that the best, newest, oldest replies.
policy:forceRegisterfalseSetting this value to true will force users to register before they could reply to conversation.
pcatruePost comment action (PCA) element provides registration steps such as username, photo, or email. Appears after user submits a comment.
enableRecommendationtrue“Popular conversations” element find it above conversation component. Displays the most engaging user-generated content and website content.
enableMiniNewsfeedtrueFloating Community Recirculator element displays dynamic content suggestions to mobile users.
newsfeedtrueSummarizes the discussions on the website. Each item contains the best user-generated content and website content. Find it along the side of the web page.
registration_ctatrueRegistration element includes options for social network and email.
recommendations_on_footerfalseMove “Popular conversations” element found above conversation component below the conversation component
numberedAvatarsfalseUser avatars will become comment counter.
displayNameInSayControlForGuestsfalseUser ability to pick his own display name inside the Say control component before leaving a comment in the first time.
connectTypes['facebook', 'twitter', 'google', 'email']Registration methods to Spot.IM, leave only the ones you will use and remove the rest.